Yes These 4 Special Tips Guarantee You Will Be Paid To Play Video Games

If you want to get paid to play video games these 4 special tips will get you there! Before you read on know this. You can earn up to $120 an hour testing video games—once you have a solid gaming resume. When you start game testing, expect to earn $10-$20 an hour. As you build experience you will be able to earn a lot more.This is not a joke. The gaming industry is worth $50 billion. Shipping faulty games is not an option—it costs millions of dollars to recall it and fix it. Paying a video game tester a few thousand dollars to test their game is pennies compared to the cost of a recall.Now that you know this is serious business, lets move on to…Tip 1: Knowing where to lookMake a list of all the game developers you can find. Some major ones are EA, 2K sports, Acclaim, Microsoft. You then bookmark all of their websites and check them every few days. If you have 15-20 sites you are checking every few days, you will quickly find a job posting for a video game tester. Apply right away. Don’t discriminate.If you don’t have the system, they may send it to you. You get to keep any games or systems they send. If they aren’t sending the system with the game, consider renting one or borrowing one from a friend. All you want right now is to get your FIRST job. After you have some experience as a video game tester it gets easier for you to find your next job.Tip 2: How to applyYes, you will be getting paid to play video games, but they aren’t paying you to PLAY. You are being paid to TEST. You need to find bugs and report them—not increase your gaming skills. When you send them a cover letter and resume highlight these 3 skills:1. Good communication2. Attention to detail3. PatienceTip 3: Find out who is in charge of hiringYou want to make this person your friend. You want them to know who you are. Send them a personalized letter and phone call and re-sell them on the skills mentioned above. Let them know you are eager to become video game tester for their company.Tip 4: Stand out as uniqueYou want to do something that favorably positions you as a top choice. One thing you can do is offer to work for free. If it’s your first job then it’s worth it. If you do this, odds are you will get hired even when you have no experience. This will be a great thing to put on your resume and make it much easier for you to get paid to play video games for the same or another company.Another thing you can try is sending a funny letter. Send them a letter with a plastic bug in it. Have the letter read “don’t let bugs ruin your next game, call me…” That would leave a favorable impression wouldn’t it?Now you have 4 VERY powerful tips on how you can be paid to play video games. But its up to you to get started. Get out there and get gaming!

Rent a Video Game – Does it Make Sense?

Think about the times when renting a movie was an easy thing to do. You only needed to pay a small fee and after that, you could watch your favorite movie. It was a very popular practice as well as a business model for numerous video stores.At the same time, you could rent games for a video console. When you pay only a fee instead of the full price of a game, your gaming experience becomes definitely much more flexible. The business model of the renting store at the corner of the street was modified in the last years by the Internet.With the apparition of the online renting systems, people began to rent video games as well as movies online. Numerous online rental retailers began increasing in popularity. It was an easy thing to do, taking into account the fact that all you had to do was selecting the movies you preferred.This option is nowadays available for the persons who want to rent a video game. Several companies will permit you to rent a video game for a small monthly fee. All you need to do is select the game of your choice and have it delivered to your home. The selection of video games in the majority of renting online systems is enormous (One company offers over 6000 games to choose from) so you will definitely find what you are looking for.The major disadvantage of this type of service is that you do not own that particular game. Nevertheless, if you desire to buy it, the majority of renting companies will sell it to you. There are also some benefits of these services. First, you know by now that after you play a certain game, after a time you get bored. When you rent it, there will be no problem as you can just return the game and order a new one. The best part of renting games online is that most companies have no late fees so you can play your game until you are done with it. You will thus have the ability of accessing many games at a fraction of the price.I hope you enjoyed my article.Regards,Jan Roos

Video Games for Children

Games are literally for children because they are the ones who are innocents and they still have many things to learn. The discovery of playoffs is not just for the purpose of giving fun and entertainment. Playoffs are made also to bring learning.Playing games educates children. Through playing, children can learn to follow instructions and formulate strategies on their own. The learning they gained through playing can be applied on their lives as they grow. Following games instructions can be applied to following rules and regulations in school or at home, while formulation of strategies could hasten their thinking skills, and could make them knowledgeable and wise.There are many types of playoffs; one of this is video game. This type of game rise in popularity due to the advancements of technologies. A lot of people hooked up in playing video playoffs. In fact, almost all children are fascinated in video gaming. However, this kind of game is far from the past playoffs that are made for only children. Video games are made for people in all ages.Complex games are created for adult gamers as they enjoy more in challenging playoffs. Complicated playoffs are usually long-term games, comprised with difficult levels, and would take more time and effort to finish the game. Challenging mechanics are for adult gamers since they are more skilled than young ones. These complex matches are usually termed as “Hardcore Video Games”. These are the matches that are most loved by gaming enthusiasts because they are full of actions and thrilling levels.Difficult matches are supposedly for adults, however due to the fast pacing world today, children’s level of thinking became more advanced to their ages. In this modern world, children can already play complex games for adults. Some children are addicted in playing video games using games consoles and even online computer games. Playing is truly a fun activity, it is good for children to experience this kind of fun, but they should be guided by older ones.